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Scheme and Design in the Arts and Elsewhere: A Virtual Conference and Conversation

Call for Papers

Published onSep 23, 2023
Scheme and Design in the Arts and Elsewhere: A Virtual Conference and Conversation

Scheme and Design in the Arts and Elsewhere is a Virtual Conference and Conversation designed to promote a transdisciplinary approach to the depiction of objects, processes, concepts and beyond regarding their scheme and/or design.

In this context Scheme might be considered as an outline, a plan of action, or a particular arrangement of objects, concepts, etc. leading to some particular outcome. The Design component refers to the salient characteristics of the aforementioned outcome. This may be as simple as what this outcome looks, feels or sounds like. One might consider the Design as leading the methodology of the Scheme, or some thing created to make sense of the world (system, instruction, diagram), why it was created in a particular way (design method, rationale) and what that thing looks, tastes, sounds, feels, like, etc.

We are particularly interested in presenting a wide variety of approaches from disparate disciplines. For instance, considerations of the scheme and design of a programming mini-language for generative visuals, the methods by which an astronomer catalogs newly-discovered stars, or the process by which a new dish is created, perfected and presented.

The first edition of Scheme and Design in the Arts and Elsewhere will be held over 1 or 2 days in TBA, 2024.

Topics may include:

  • Cataloging and Indexing

  • Instructional Documents

  • Redlining

  • Archeological Research

  • The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and Some Other Ways to X, Y and/or Z

  • Media and Search Engine Biases

  • Computer Programming and Application Development

  • Fixed and Kinetic Visual Arts

  • Astronomy

  • General and Specific Methods of Classification

  • Analysis Techniques

  • Taxidermy

  • Approaches to Fashion

  • Architectural Process

  • Traditional and Experimental Musical Scoring and Performance

  • Product Development and Instantiation

  • Culinary Arts

Authors from any and all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, and to consider the Scheme and Design characteristics of topics beyond this list.

Examples to consider or ignore:

The process of developing an architectural project, including the design characteristics of a blueprint, for example, which functions as a scheme leading to construction:

Figure 1

Blueprint version of Mayfield College construction detail.jpg

Anatomical cataloging and its design characteristics:

Figure 2

Static Old Textbook Styled Human heart.jpg

Design considerations in star charts based on era and location and the schemata by which their locations are determined:

Figure 3


Figure 4


Please note that design may not necessarily refer to something in the visual domain in a traditional or artistic sense. Obviously there is clearly an aesthetic implication given the title and suggested topics…but please, feel free to think beyond all of that!

Papers will be considered by a small review committee and constructive notes will be provided to the authors. Inspired by the healthy community represented over at any submissions that are relevant to the theme will be included.

Papers should be submitted through PubPub and do not need to follow a particular format. It may be the case that a particular formatting scheme that extends beyond a typical conference-style paper is more relevant to the author’s topic. Citations must be included as either footnotes or endnotes, images and figures must be used with permission or through a Creative Commons License.

Scheme and Design is a completely virtual conference and will be presented using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or some similar product. Each presenter will have up to 10 minutes to present on their work followed by 5 minutes of questions and discussion.

All papers will be made available with DOI’s and presentations archived on YouTube.

There is no fee to participate. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any fees for participation.

Please note that this initiative is designed to engender a safe, supportive and inclusive community. To that end we will NOT tolerate any unethical or nefarious behavior by anyone!

If you would like to be part of the review committee or have any questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

Important Dates:

  • Open and rolling call for submissions.

  • TBA 2024: Virtual conference.

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